Indomitable Self-Defense


An introductory 2 hour course created to teach the fundamentals of self-defense, relevant across multiple situations.

This is a hands-on, empowering, fun seminar that will cover situational communication strategies, de-escalation techniques, confidence, awareness, and learning to leverage personal and environmental strengths.

Some sensitive, situational material will be discussed.

Introductory course is most appropriate for age 16 and up at any fitness level. Any attendee under the age of 18 must provide legal parent/guardian permission at registration.

No previous experience necessary.


Refine your self-defense skills with Indomitable Self-Defense Level II: The Muscle Memory. This dynamic 2.5 hour course builds upon the foundation of Level I, propelling you towards mastery with focused practice.

Level II is all about precision through repetition. We take the strategies, kicks, strikes, and grabs you learned in Level I and amplify their effectiveness. Prepare for an engaging experience that will enhance your abilities and boost your confidence.

Our experienced instructors will lead you through targeted drills and exercises, refining your technique and ingraining it in your muscle memory. Each repetition will strengthen your skills, enabling you to react instinctively in critical situations.

We’ll delve deeper into situational awareness, effective communication, and capitalizing on your personal strengths. This holistic approach equips you with a well-rounded set of self-defense tools.

"Indomitable Self-Defense Level II: The Muscle Memory" welcomes participants aged 16 and above, regardless of fitness level.

Prerequisite: Indomitable Self-Defense Level I: Prepared & Aware.


Rocky Mountain Sports Club is able to conduct private self-defense courses at your location or here at our studio. Current clients include real estate agencies, property management agencies, sports teams, private groups, and corporate events. We are open to all opportunities. Call or email to inquire.

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