I love the personable instructors and the yoga classes at RMSC! I leave every session feeling wonderful. I appreciate how the classes can be tailored for different experience levels and personal goals. Clean and cozy studio, too! Such a warm and welcoming group, especially to beginners.. I'm a yoga newbie but already can't imagine going a week without stopping in for a class. Regular attendance has upped my mental health game and 100% cured my hip discomfort from running. Excellent studio!

— Mellissa C.

I LOVE these yoga classes! If you are a newbie to yoga, you have to try any of the restorative yoga classes. Slow Flow and Reset & Recharge are two I have tried and am in love with. Relaxing, restoring, and recharging...who doesn't need this?! My heart is smiling at the end of class, and I am ready to tackle anything the day brings.

— Renee J.

Tried yoga for the first time ever with Heather and her OmMG yoga class. I was a little worried because of the name of the class, but I picked it because it sounded a little edgier. I am a pretty active person and my perception of yoga was that it might be too calm for my personality so edgy would be a good thing for me. Well, this was definitely not a calm class and some of the words I uttered during the class were WAY less calm than OMG.

But, OMG... it was AMAZING! I had so much fun. Even though I was the baby Yogi in the class (I just learned that term...I always thought he was just a bear) amongst veteran Yogis, Heather guided me through the correct positions while still paying full attention to the others. Nina, the owner, cheered me on the whole time. It was an incredible experience, even though muscles I didn't even know I had started burning... in a good way.

After the class ended, I was already feeling a bit exhausted in these newly-found muscles, but the rest of me felt energized. I was then worried how I was going to feel in the morning since I have chronic nerve/muscle issues with my back and hip issues from long-ago car accidents. But, I was currently feeling good (also learned this is called a yoga high) so I figured I'd grumble about the pain when I woke up tomorrow.

Well, I woke up the next morning and I was shocked! My hips and bum were a little sore but, I couldn't believe my back and hip where I always have pain. There was no pain. Not just no soreness from the class, but no regular, everyday, normal-for-me pain. I think all the movement and heat stretched my little muscles that static stretching can't reach, and I didn't feel stiff as a board and nerve-tingly like how I usually feel!

I'm so impressed and excited. I might be hooked because I can't wait to do it again! If I feel this good after one class, I can't even imagine how I'm going to feel if I do this on a regular basis! Thanks for making this a fun and challenging first experience. I can't wait to become a seasoned Yogi and try some new moves!!!

— Chrysti B.

Rocky Mountain Sports Club is truly an asset to the Broomfield community. Everyone is very friendly and inviting making you feel right at home from the moment you walk in throughout your class/ training to when you leave. Everything is clean, spacious, organized and on-schedule. I feel very fortunate to have found RMSC! A++

— Jeff H.