Privacy Policy

Rocky Mountain Sports Club Privacy Policy
Hello there! At RMSC your privacy matters—a lot. We’re committed to safeguarding your info and making sure you feel comfy and secure about it. Here’s the scoop on how we handle things:

Your Info, Your Business:
When you join our community, we collect basic details—like your name, phone, email, and perhaps your preferred class schedule. We use this info to keep you updated on studio happenings, classes, and anything exciting coming up.

No Sharing, Pinky Promise:
Your trust is a big deal to us. We won’t be passing your info around. Selling it? Nope. Sharing it? Not our style. Your details stay right here, safe and sound.

Security First:
Think of your info as being locked in a digital safe. We’ve got security measures in place to keep it safe and snug within our systems.

Opting Out or Changes? Easy Peasy:
You’re in control. If you ever want to change the info you’ve shared or take a break from our updates, just let us know. We’ll make it as simple as a child’s pose.

Cookies, the Digital Kind:
We might use cookies on our website—but not the chocolate chip kind! These digital ones help us understand how you use our site, making your visit smoother and more tailored to you.

Updates & Transparency:
If we ever need to tweak this policy (for the better, of course!), we’ll keep you in the loop. No surprises here—except maybe during our surprise guest instructors.

Questions? Reach Out!
Have questions or need assistance? We’re here to help. Drop us a line, and we’ll respond quicker than a sprint to the front of a Zumba class.

Your privacy is as important as your wellness journey with us. We’re committed to keeping your trust and ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Thanks for being a part of the RMSC community!